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Prize-Winning 2010 GL1800 .........NOW SOLD!

Having recently retired, I have decided to treat myself to a newer Wing — so my prize-winning 2010 GL1800 is now reluctantly for sale.

I bought it new from Knutsford Honda on 1-Sep-2010, so it has only had one owner. It's a US-spec (always more complete than the UK-spec) and has done 49k miles (averaging 6k miles/year, partly from several brilliant European tours).

NDMIt does not have the error-prone built-in Honda SatNav or the currently-being-recalled Airbag (I wisely didn't want them!), but it does have the excellent ABS.

No expense has been spared and it has a full service history at HONDA MAIN DEALERS - it was last serviced on 23-Aug-18 at Colwyn Bay Honda, where it also passed its MOT test on the same day (so it is MOT'd until 1-Sep-19).

It has won Best Lit Bike awards at 5 different shows! Unlike some brightly-lit Wings which have LED strips distractingly visible all over the bike when the lights are off, my own bike has been complimented numerous times on the discreet way the lights have been camouflaged.

Numerous large photos of the bike can be found in a special photo gallery on this site.

Here are a couple of brief videos of the bike. The first is at night in normal-running mode (with my wife on her Spyder which I have also lit up). PARADE mode is even better though, thanks to the strobes and Knightriders! The second video shows how it looks in the daytime.

I will retain the private plate (B16 WNG) for my new bike, along with a small number of other items (mainly the interconnected Autocom intercom/PMR system/Garmin Zumo SatNav), but you can find below a list of the SIXTY-THREE accessories it IS being sold with. As you can see, they cost me over £7,000 in parts alone (fitting costs would double that).

Part # Item cost new (£)
7454 Rotor Cover + LED Ring of Fire (amber & red/blue) 300
3222 Lighted Saddlebag Moldings (chrome lens) 250
4073 Ergo II cruise pegs with Dually ISO pegs & arms 210
7339 Fork Brace Gen 2 200
3221 Lighted Trunk Moldings (chrome lens) 188
7395 Rear Wheel Ring of Fire 172
3901 Chrome Valve Covers 170
7319 Premier Shark Gills with Fairing Radiator Vent Trim 160
3226 Chrome spoiler light bar 133
7315 Fairing light II & mirror light kit 125
7328 Amber L.E.D. Lighted Grill 120
3913 Louvered Chrome Battery Box Covers 110
7104 Chrome kickstand 94
3909 Chrome timing cover set 94
7303 LED front fender accent 84
7437 Handlebar Risers 80
7458 Aero Head Marker Lights 73
7329 Chrome Shark Skin Radiator Grate Mesh 70
7455 LED front fender reflector conversion 60
7506 Chrome passenger floorboard side cover 50
4218 LED Battery Gauge, Black 40
7322 Fairing Air Scoop trim 33
3219 Trunk Key Hole Trim 20
SUB-TOTAL £2,836
18673-816K Driver Backrest 200
45-1838 Trunk Rack 110
45-1842 LED Turnsignal/Brake/Running Spoiler light 85
BP-2 Engine Plate/Belly Pan 63
45-1837 Saddlebag Screaming Emblems 50
45-1601 Chrome Passenger Floorboard Underplate 35
18273 Windshield Panel Light Reflector 10
52-604 Halogen Lower Fog Light Kit 230
52-724 Chrome Frame Covers With Rubber Inserts 136
52-705MA Lighted matt black switch block 76
52-738 Fairing Air Intake Grilles 65
18-111BC Chrome smooth blade Brake & Clutch Levers 60
52-751 LED front fender accent clear 36
52-765 3 Pin Connector Adaptor Pigtail (pair) 20
Numerous customised tasteful & discreet LED strips 300
Strobes front & rear 230
HID headlights 200
Under-Saddlebag LED strips 200
Tour Lighted Mudflap 85
Front clear indicators 80
Rear speakers 78
CB antenna 78
Trailer electrics 50
Customised Knightriders front & rear 20
Optimate lead 10
Socket for heated clothing 10
SUB-TOTAL £1,341
Baker triple hand, leg & air wing set 370
Chrome wheels 325
Colour-matched side exhaust covers and front cowl 300
Stainless steel trailer hitch 250
Progressive Front Springs 130
Honda OEM GL1800 2006-2010 Service Manual (complete original, printed) 120
Under-trunk skirt 100
Trunk Spoiler 80
Honda GL1800 Service Manual + Electrical Troubleshooting (PDF) 75
Front Fender Extension 50
Wrap-My-Spyder graphics kit 50
Lanyards on all pull panels 40
Haynes Service Manual 30
Saddlebag & trunk nets 30
SUB-TOTAL £1,950
…….and probably others I have forgotten about!
  TOTAL ACCESSORIES COST (excluding shipping & installation) £7,303

The sale price for this outstanding machine is just £12,950!

Contact Nigel Mackintosh on 077-1957-1963 or via email.